Increase revenue and enhance strategy by learning the value of patent valuations


For most businesses today, 75% of their value, sources of revenue and long term sustainability is directly related to IP and intangible assets. Companies traditionally file multiple patents as part of a defensive strategy to beat their competitors and achieve or retain a monopoly. However, filing patents without a strategic plan can lead to a mixed bag of patents in your portfolio— some valuable, and some much less so.

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Top 3 Tech M&As of 2017: Identifying Threats & Opportunities Using IP Data

Every M&A deal happens because a company wants something and it thinks that acquiring another company (or type of company) will lead to the desired outcome. This article will explain how the acquiring company can use intellectual property (IP) data to:

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The end of the Big Six: Antitrust in M&A

Once a company reaches a certain size, licensing technology, acquiring or merging with another company is one of the quickest and most popular methods of continuing growth.

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