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Your R&D might be worth more than you think, thanks to innovation incentives

Most businesses underestimate what they can claim from innovation incentives. According to the Telegraph, 40% of active companies in the UK generate some form of innovation, yet most business owners have no idea that they qualify for R&D tax credits.

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Imperial College professor outlines key considerations when outsourcing IP management

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ian Harvey, Chairman of the IP Centre Advisory Board of Tsinghua University x-lab and adjunct professor in intellectual property (IP) at Imperial College Business School. Ian has a wealth of experience in IP and and was the former CEO of BTG, where IP management was at the core of their business. IP matters were handled in-house however, in this interview, he tells us what to consider when outsourcing IP.

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IP Expert’s Cheat Sheet on Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) That Won’t Give You Headaches

Jurgen Vollrath is the expert you want on your side when it comes to all things intellectual property. He was chief intellectual property (IP) officer at SAP and is president of Exponential Technology Counsel

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A holistic view of intellectual property and how to use it strategically

I had the pleasure of interviewing Liz Ward, Principle of Virtuoso Legal, a boutique IP firm. If there’s any law firm that understands the holistic view and strategic use of intellectual property, it’s them. Although Virtuoso is a small boutique IP firm, they have outcompeted large magic circle firms by wining second place for ‘IP team of the year’ at The Lawyer Magazine Awards 2017.

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Feeding 10 billion: Food and intellectual property

Last week, we discussed how a rising global population places strain on methods of food production and how technological advances could be used to feed 10 billion people

But that was only half the tale. Providing food security to so many people relies on technological innovations to solve problems at such a scale that IP conflicts occur regularly. Unfortunately, a system designed to protect and incentivise innovation can actually stifle development and even exacerbate issues.

In this article, we will look at the role IP plays in agriculture and how that impacts a stretching global food chain.

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Lexmark v Impressions and resellers' rights

The US Supreme Court is currently re-examining the patent exhaustion doctrine in Lexmark International v Impression Products. Impression resell Lexmark’s imported products back into the US. This was originally held by the Federal Circuit as an infringing act and not exhausting the patentee’s rights, therefore making Impressions liable for patent infringement.

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What challenges does the patent industry face in 2017?

Gene Quinn and special guests look back at the most important moments of 2016, and consider the issues that will shape the patent industry in 2017.

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Why software patents are worth the trouble

There is a prevailing view within much of the software industry that it is simply not worth the bother to patent. This view has been strengthened by landmark legal cases, which support the myth, most notably the case involving Alice Corporation versus CLS Bank International. This was widely regarded as a definitive outcome that appears to declare the software patent as null and void. However, ‘software’ companies continue to file patents. Why would they continue to do this if the Alice ruling suggests it’s irrational?

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What ™ and ® can do for your brand

Intellectual property can be one of the most valuable assets to an organisation, and there are various ways to protect it. The most common ways are patents, copyright, or trademarks, and each of these different rights protect different aspects of a business.

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