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The Battle of the Artificial Sweeteners and Stevia the Underdog

Written by Joe Bamsey on Sep 20, 2016 3:08:09 PM

Patsnap has just released a new whitepaper on sugar and artificial sweeteners, which uncovers the interesting journey for the sugar substitute, Stevia. The main active compound in Stevia is Stevioside, a substance known to have little to no effect on an individual’s blood glucose. This means that it is very appealing to those people with carbohydrate controlled diets. As one of many additives, we decided to take a look at how far Stevia had come in terms of its growing influence, so we conducted a search on PatSnap Analytics of the term ‘artificial sweetener’ in the A23 (food) area and compared it with patents relating to the other main sweeteners stated by the UK’s National Health Service.


Topics: IP & Innovation, Artificial Sweetners, Patents