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Hejab Azam

After studying Law at University, Hejab decided to pursue her interest in IP by joining the PatSnap team. Her interests include Intellectual Property, Media, and Medical Law.

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PatSnap Weekly: 2017 February Week 4

Written by Hejab Azam on Feb 24, 2017 5:39:54 PM



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Anti-counterfeiting: Developing a successful brand protection strategy [Webinar]

Written by Hejab Azam on Feb 23, 2017 3:17:20 PM

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This webinar was hosted by our guest speakers Joel Stobart and Jeff Moore. Joel is CTO at Custodian Solutions and Jeff is Operations Director at Analytical Alternatives (AAL). In this webinar, Joel and Jeff discuss brand protection strategies for anti-counterfeiting.


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How to improve communication between R&D and IP [eBook]

Written by Hejab Azam on Feb 20, 2017 4:08:24 PM

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In many organisations, R&D and IP are considered separate departments focusing on different aspects of IP development. R&D focus on rapidly developing technology at the early stages of the innovation process whereas IP is usually involved at a later stage when patent protection is required.


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The CRISPR decision and the future of biotech patents

Written by Hejab Azam on Feb 16, 2017 6:00:00 PM

An image of a DNA structure modelOn Wednesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) upheld a series of patents on gene editing technology by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. The patents have been awarded for a DNA altering technique called CRISPR.


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Myocardial infatuation: 14 Therapies for the heart

Written by Hejab Azam on Feb 13, 2017 8:41:08 PM

myocardial-infatuation-header.jpgHeart disease is an umbrella term which encompasses a range of disorders such as heart attacks, congenital heart diseases, congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease. Heart disease is the number one cause for death in both men and women in the US. CT scans of mummies have shown that heart disease was frequent in Ancient Egypt which suggests that there are other causes to heart disease apart from smoking, fast food and inactivity.1


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Webinar: Reducing patent annuity costs

Written by Hejab Azam on Feb 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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In this webinar, we were joined by our guest speaker Peter Rouse, director at Patent Annuity Costs Ltd.


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Webinar: Patent valuation methodologies for companies and entrepreneurs

Written by Hejab Azam on Feb 6, 2017 3:45:00 PM

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In this webinar, we will be joined by our guest speaker Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne, CEO of InTraCoM. InTraCom specializes in intellectual property rights and innovation management with a focus on valuations of patent utility models, patent families, or entire corporate portfolios. Their customers include large Blue Chip companies, SMEs, M&A agencies, banks, research institutions and tech transfer offices.


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Westminster Legal Policy Forum Summary: The future of the UK’s patent framework

Written by Hejab Azam on Feb 6, 2017 12:15:00 PM

An image of the Westminster Legal Policy Forum brochure

This event was held to discuss the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and how it would affect patent law throughout the UK. The major issues discussed were whether the UK will still be part of the UPC after Brexit and the implications leaving the EU will have on our patent system.


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Webinar Review: IP portfolio management for SMEs

Written by Hejab Azam on Feb 1, 2017 10:00:00 AM

an image of a webinar preview with Timothy Butler

This webinar was hosted by guest speaker Timothy Butler, CEO of asset intelligence firm Tego. In this webinar, he discusses techniques for IP portfolio management for small medium enterprises (SMEs). With plenty of examples from Tego, he explains how to develop a strong IP portfolio in such competitive markets.


Topics: startups, IP Analysis

Webinar Review: Owen Nicholson discusses patent licensing

Written by Hejab Azam on Jan 29, 2017 10:00:00 AM

A banner image for a webinar with Owen Nicholson and patent licensing

This week’s webinar was hosted by guest speaker Owen Nicholson, head of growth at IN-PART, a platform that connects university innovations with industry. With a vast range of experience, from working at organisations such as the Ministry of Defense and Dyson Owen helps early stage research to take results from the lab into the real world.