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15 top industry spanning innovations

Posted by Hejab Azam on Jan 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Coming up with a new idea is a challenge in any walk of life; innovation, especially useful and profitable innovation, is no mean feat. While necessity is indeed the mother of invention, only considering the necessities of your own industry could get in the way of seeing the opportunities lying elsewhere. Cross industry innovation is the application of one industry’s novelties to another.

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Webinar Preview: Dylan Adams

Posted by Joe Bamsey on Jan 16, 2017 9:00:00 AM

In this week’s webinar, PatSnap will be joined by Dylan Adams, senior patent attorney and author.

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Webinar Review: Laura Schoppe talks IP opportunities

Posted by Joe Bamsey on Jan 13, 2017 2:30:00 PM

In our latest webinar Laura Schoppe, founder of Fuentek, gave us her insights into how IP data can be used to identify commercialization opportunities. Following Laura’s presentation there was a Q&A session where viewers were given the opportunity to ask Laura any questions they had on the topic.

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Pharmaceutical vs Biotech: Chemistry vs Biology

Posted by Hejab Azam on Jan 12, 2017 11:00:00 AM

There is often confusion between biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; although they both produce drugs, they do so in different ways and have a different basis. To manufacture drugs, biotech companies use live organisms such as bacteria whereas pharmaceutical industry usually use artificial materials to create their drugs.

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Maximising your ROI: How to leverage patent data

Posted by Joe Bamsey on Jan 5, 2017 10:30:00 AM

We are delighted to welcome back Laura Schoppe, founder and president of Fuentek, to host another successful webinar for PatSnap. This time Laura will be looking at how companies can gather direct feedback from the value chain and as a result maximise their ROI.

Fuentek is one of the world's leading intellectual property and technology transfer consulting firms. Founded by Laura Schoppe in 2001, Fuentek provides comprehensive services for leading university, government, and corporate decision makers around the world.

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Brexit to create more confusion and cost around patents

Posted by Hejab Azam on Jan 3, 2017 9:54:35 AM

Traditionally, patents have had to be filed in each individual member state, a system which involves many different requirements for the various member states. It includes a need to translate patents into the official language of specific member states, paying renewal fees for each patent where the patent is valid, and other legal fees. 

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What does the Apple vs Samsung ruling mean for design patents?

Posted by Joe Bamsey on Dec 7, 2016 10:49:15 AM

Yesterday the supreme court reversed its decision in the design patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung. The ruling means that Samsung's original patent damages bill of $399 million will be significantly reduced. This decision sets a new precedent for the calculation of damages from design patent infringement cases under "article of manufacture rules", meaning patent holders can no longer expect damages to be calculated based upon the entirety of the profits from the sale of a product infringing a design patent. Instead, they may only seek recovery from profits which are attributable to the infringing feature(s).

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Using patent landscapes to open up communications between Legal, R&D, and C-level executives

Posted by Ali Hussein on Dec 6, 2016 2:18:20 PM

Open communications, transparency, and collaboration are key ingredients for establishing nimble, forward-looking and innovative organizations. Especially when it comes to innovation, it is vital that Internal Counsel, Research and Development teams, and other C-level executives are on the same page. This kind of alignment is rare, and part of the problem is that the ‘language’ of innovation is different in each of these different worlds.

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What challenges does the patent industry face in 2017?

Posted by Joe Bamsey on Dec 5, 2016 3:51:55 PM

Gene Quinn and special guests look back at the most important moments of 2016, and consider the issues that will shape the patent industry in 2017.

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Take analysis to a new level with Landscape Animations

Posted by Ali Hussein on Dec 2, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Regardless of whether you’re a strategist, scientist, attorney or executive, the dynamic changes and disruptions that take place within different technology areas affect us all. Keeping on top of all these changes can be a tough challenge, but this is where the power of IP landscapes – especially in light of some of our most recent enhancements - really steps up to the challenge.

At PatSnap, we’re focused on ensuring that complex information is readily available and can be easily evaluated. Now, with our most recent releases, which include the ability to animate rapid rises in patent filings within different technologies, assignees, and inventors, a whole new level of analysis can be done on rival companies and technologies. In today’s environment, such depth of insight is all the more vital, given how so many companies are living and breathing technological dynamism - moving their R&D focus in line with swift market changes, and riding the waves of creative destruction.

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